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Terms & Conditions

Scratch cards are currently being given out with orders over £12, as an extra thank you to customers. This is subject to cards being in stock.


There is a 1 in 5 chance of winning a prize. Prizes include:


- A celebration cake to the value of £50

- A box of 6 cupcakes (one flavour)

- 10% off an order


To use your scratch card, scratch off the silver panel to reveal the icon underneath.


If your scratch card reveals a winning icon please contact us via social media, email or our website to claim your prize. You will be asked to send over a photograph of the scratch card as proof you have won.


You have until the expiry date written on your scratch card to book in an order to claim your prize. Orders are subject to diary availability and we advise you to book in with plenty of notice to avoid disappointment. If you cancel your booking this will forfeit your prize.


Prizes are not exchangeable for any other items.


Scratch cards can be withdrawn at any time.

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